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What packages do you offer?
Weddings starting at 3300
Sunset sessions 500
Adventure sessions 900
For detailed info on packages & to see if I'm available for your date fill out the contacts page or shoot me an email 
I'm always happy to meet up for coffee & chat about your plans :) 
enquires email Lachy at info@dustandsalt.com.au
What are sunset & adventure sessions?
Sunset sessions can be used as an engagement or couples shoot
We'll spend a couple of hours together at a beautiful location on the Mornington Peninsula at either sunset or sunrise 
Adventure sessions are the ultimate couples sessions, you basically pick your adventure from Forests, Mountains, Waterfalls or Sand dunes & I'll create an adventure session for you. More time together exploring multiple locations, it's like having Dust & Salt capture a mini holiday!
Where are you based?
I'm based on the Mornington Peninsula & Melbourne, I'm available for weddings & elopements throughout Aus & internationally
 What's your style?
I love using natural light, so I'm always looking for nice pockets of light to shoot in & keep things looking as natural as possible. I'll use a flash when I need to & for some loose dance floor snaps 
I'll aim to capture your day as it flows in a documentary style but when it comes to your couples session at sunset I'll often give you some direction to make the most of the natural light & create some truly epic moments
I'm not strict with posing & will often see what unfolds organically first, but sometimes a little bit of direction can elevate the scene & give us more creative options
Overall I'm pretty laid back & will keep things super chilled 
Do you work with videographers?
Absolutely, I can recommend some amazing people I have worked with previously that have rad style & vibe
Do you provide edited images?
All images of your day are carefully selected & edited. I put in a lot of time & edit all photos myself & take extreme care when editing your photographs. I'm drawn to natural looking imagery so I will capture your day as it happens & I don't use photoshop to manipulate images
How long should we book you for?
This all depends on the style of your day, my packages are 7 or 9 hours coverage, which gives us time to capture your day as it happens & all those epic moments throughout your day. Some of the most beautiful photographs happen as you're getting ready, nervous & excited to see each other. Even if it's just a few images of you & your crew in the morning 
At the end of it all your photographs are one of a few things left to remember your day, so let's make it count as much as possible
Do you shoot with a second shooter?
If you have a tight timetable or you're planning a large wedding I can arrange a second shooter for an additional fee 
What is a first look & should we have one?
A first look is done before the ceremony so that you can have your couple & even bridal party photos done earlier in the day, this means you don't have to leave the party between ceremony & reception
However whilst first looks are beautiful moments, the light is never as good as sunset & that's something to keep in mind as most of the amazing imagery you'll see on instagram is taken during 'golden hour' around sunset time
If you're planning a first look I always suggest still having a short couples session around sunset to make the most of the light! It's also a really nice time for you both to soak it all in together & have a moment just for yourselves 
Do you shoot same sex weddings/elopements?
Yeah, I'd love to be a part of your epic day!
We'd like to meet you before the wedding/elopement is this possible?
Definitely, if there's coffee/beer I'm there. I hold all meetings in Mornington as I don't charge for meetings/travel. I always love to meet you both & hear about your plans, it's one of my favourite parts of the process & it gets me totally excited & invested in your day!
Do you do engagement sessions & couple sessions?
You can add an engagement session to your package for an absolute steal!
These are all done on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula & are a great way to get comfy in front of the camera & score some sweet extra images
Adventure couple sessions are also available, we can head to the mountains or jump under a waterfall & spend a bit more time together chasing that light 
Do you offer albums?
Yes!! Imagine going to all this effort to get a photographer to capture everything, only for the photographs to end up living on a hard drive as digital dust. I truly believe in printing our memories & the nostalgia that comes with sitting down together & turning the pages of your very own album
I design all albums myself, with different sizes & cover options available. Albums are all individually designed with fine art matte thick papers, hand made in Aus to last, they are seriously stunning! Sing out for some more info 
Do you shoot on digital or film/analog?
Both, I will use digital cameras to capture your wedding/elopement day. During sunset & adventure sessions where we have a bit more time I will often shoot some rolls of film if the vibe is right. There's something really special about film photography 
Do you travel for weddings & elopements?
Yep, I love a good adventure just send through your dates & locations & we can create a quote for you. If your location is 1.5hrs+ from Melbourne just ask for a travel quote, it's often not as expensive as you think 
Do you need us to provide a meal for you?
If I'm working 6hrs+ I'd love a feed if possible 
What is an 'unplugged' ceremony?
This just means asking your guests to put their phones/ipads away during the ceremony. It means your guests will be present & enjoying the moment with you, it also means I'm able to capture all the big moments of you & your guests without stacks of phones obstructing everyones view
Trust me this can make a massive difference to the vibe & atmosphere of your ceremony
 How do we book you?
Just fill out a few questions on my contacts page or shoot me an email at info@dustandsalt.com.au with your date, location & as much info as you like & i'll send through some package options for you.
To secure your date there is a $1000 deposit & signed agreement, done online nice & easy
Let's do this
Lachy x